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Buy a Boat, Get it Delivered.

Buy a boat, now you can get it delivered. WYS provides a full crew to safely deliver your vessel from anywhere to anywhere. We are experienced in safe transit through all waterways and provide yacht management services as needed.

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Dana Lowe
Dana Lowe
Nov 12, 2022

I was stationed on PTF-23 in early 1972 for a few months, just at the end of my 2 years of active duty. I am glad to see that the boat still exists, even in such modified form, and is being of service to the world in its new way. There were 5 PTFs in COSRIVRON-2 at Little Creek, Virginia, at the time. I think 2 of the 5 were aluminum hulled, and 3 were the wooden types. It was a fun bunch to run around with, down to Morehead City, NC, or up the Chesapeake Bay to DC with a load of weekend reservists. Small crew, not a full, operational contingent: maybe 6 total, one of them the Boat…

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