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Survey Rates:

A survey is more than a check list or inventory list which is why no two vessel surveys are the same.  Therefore the cost of a marine survey has many variables in arriving at a fair price, including but not limited to the size and type of survey, type of vessel, the materials it was constructed from, the type of work required of the surveyor and the location of the vessel. The vessel condition and the age of the vessel is also considered.  Evidently it takes much longer to survey a 15 year old boat with deferred maintenance than a three your old vessel in Bristol condition. Per foot rates are based on the vessels length overall (LOA)  including add-ons (i.e. swim platforms, watercraft lifts, etc). We use a scaled approach not to penalize smaller boats with fewer systems. 

Please review our Survey Preparation page for tips and expectations to minimize the cost of your survey while maximizing the content of the survey.  Each survey requires a signed contract and payment prior to the survey to ensure that all parties are aligned with expectations. 

Below are estimated Pre Purchase Condition & Value Survey rates to set expectations.  To get your final quote please contact us directly or complete the online from provided.


Vessel up to 50':      $25-$32 per foot **

Vessel 50'-Over:      $32+ per foot **

Ask about discounts for Insurance Surveys

**Per foot Pre Purchase C&V contract includes:

  • Sea Trial, Hull Inspection, Sub Systems, Rigging (deck level), Electronics and Systems inspection

  • Findings and Recommendations 

  • Fair Market Value analysis 

  • Discount on Oil analysis

Oil, Gear and Coolant Analysis: 

  • $75 per analysis 

  • $55 per analysis with C&V survey

  • Includes disposable kit, sample extraction, 3rd party analysis and shipping fee

  • Analysis completed by third party  

  • Oil analysis can be turned in 1-2 days

Mileage & Travel Expenses: 

  • $0.63 per mile standard

  • $0.80 per mile Extended Range

  • Lodging as applicable

Inspect X-Pro Publishing Fee

  • $39 per survey

Hourly Rate: 

  • $125.00 per hour

Captain For Hire:

  • Consultations

  • Yacht Deliveries

  • Hurricane Evacuations

  • Private Vessel Excursions

  • Substitute Custodian Services  

Proposals are provided after a short consultation on expectations

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