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Mark Wilson, (321) 537-8028
USCG 100t Master Captain, SAMS-AMS #1414, ABYC, IAMI, FMIU,
PMP, Risk Management, Six Sigma Green Belt

Jessie Wilson, (772) 708-9558
USCG 50t Master Captain, SAMS-SA, ABYC, UF Bachelor of Science Zoology

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Welcome to Wilson Yacht Survey and Damage Claims

We are a Family based multi generation Marine Survey and yacht services company that integrates professional and technical expertise with real world boating experiences.  Boating and yachting has been a way of life for the past 4 generations of the Wilson family. With the demands of todays society of educational awareness each generation has received continuing education and still are being drawn back to life on the water while being mentored by the previous generation.   This allows us to integrate professional and technical expertise with real world boating experiences.  We can provide a full crew for vessel deliveries, captain for hire excursions, marine surveys and vessel arrests. 


Our survey service provides the buyer with confidence and fair market value of their purchase beyond the cosmetic appearance.  Our focus is to provide an comprehensive assessment of a vessel with a detailed report of surveyor Findings and Recommendations.  Used or new vessels alike can benefit from a condition and value survey.  We consider new vessels as recently manufactured that are subject to workmanship standards and well rested inventory concerns. Used vessel surveys identify areas of typical wear and repair, DIY add ons for compliance to industry standards and identify areas of deferred maintenance to provide the buyer or insurer confidence in their new purchase or asset.   

What is a Survey?
A survey is an unbiased comprehensive inspection of a vessel to determine the condition, value and seaworthiness. Areas inspected consist of hull condition, cabin appointments, sub systems, AC and DC power systems, propulsion, lighting, pumps, electrical and navigation equipment. Standards and regulations used for evaluation include USCG, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) United States Code (USC), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) regulations. Typically, this includes areas beyond the cosmetic appearance of the vessel.

Types of Surveys

The following are survey types that we provide at the request of sellers, brokers, buyers, insurance companies or financial lenders​.  Call us for details on which is the right combination that matches your needs.


Condition and Value Survey:

A C&V survey is an in-depth inspection of the subject vessel where it identifies compliance to federal regulations, industry standards and provides a market analysis and an appraised value for the subject vessel.  Included with a C&V is the surveyors detailed list of Findings and Recommendations, a list of noncompliance issues, safety violations, deferred maintenance concerns or general observations.

  • INSURANCE COMPANIES, underwriters and financial institutions often require a C&V survey to ensure the asset meets their minimum requirements and valuation criteria.

  • PRE-PURCHASE C&V SURVEY represents the buyer with a highly comprehensive and detailed report of the vessel as it is evaluated against federal, safety, and industry regulations.  The results, findings and recommendations of a Pre-Purchase survey are confidential and proprietary to the buyer only that can be used to further negotiate the selling price or repairs to be completed by the owner prior to the purchase.  A pre-purchase survey will also provide confidence and peace of mind from unknowns to the buyer knowing that the vessel meets their expectations.   

  • PRE-SALE C&V SURVEY is a consultation were the surveyor provides the owner or seller objective evidence to establish the market value of the vessel based on its current condition, findings and recommendations.  This also provides the seller an insight to the potential buyers’ surveyors confidential C&V report that sometimes can kill a deal without notice or understanding of the perceived concerns. A pre-sale C&V survey can expedite the sale of a vessel by providing both the owner and buyer confidence and transparency.


Sea Trial Survey:

A sea trial survey is where the vessel is tested and evaluated in the water and underway.  Sea trial typically takes less than an hour where engine, vessel handling, and hull performance is demonstrated and recorded.  Most C&V surveys will include a sea trial survey.


Oil and Coolant Analysis Survey:

Oil and coolant analysis are performed by the surveyor extracting small samples of gasoline, diesel, coolant or transmission fluid from each engine or generator then sent to a third party for analysis.  This is the most in-depth path to chemically evaluate the internal wear and condition of each engine without costly break down and non destructive analysis.  The results are returned quickly with a detailed analytical break down and summary of your power systems.  This simple periodic test can reduce maintenance costs and provide you a peace of mind when purchasing a vessel.  Most vessel buyers will add this option to baseline the internal wear of the engines before buying a vessel.


Ultrasonic Gauging  for Aluminum and Steel Hull Survey:

Ultrasonic gauging is used for steel and aluminum hull surveys that are intended to calculate remaining thickness of the metal to determine the condition of the hull.  Specialized equipment is required as well as a thorough knowledge of materials to properly identify and record results. 

Damage Claim Survey:

Damage claim surveys are typically contracted by the insurance companies to provide expert witness to evaluate and price repairs in a loss or collision. These can be simple one day assignments or lead into a more in-depth investigation and failure analysis as incidences become more complex. We are experienced with vessel evaluations and provide and expertise in failure analysis, root cause analysis, Six Sigma methodology, material fatigue and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Cargo, Intermodal Equipment and Surveys:

Transportation Consulting Services we recommend
Phone: (954) 940-8280  
They serve all your vessel needs to include vessel on-hire / off-hire surveys; P&I representation; load, stow and lash cargo surveys; bunker surveys; draft surveys; vessel stowage and hazmat segregation; port captain duties. Let AMC take care of all your transportation related requirements.

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