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Ask us about our review of Nite Track Night Vision Systems

Night time navigation can be extremely challenging even for the most experienced operators. If you want to be able to see clearly and navigate safely at night, Nite Track™ Integrated CCD Night Vision Technology is simply the best solution. Nite Track™ uses the latest in CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology which produces images that are more detailed than what thermal imaging can produce. You can accurately read text on objects, see through windows, and discern objects in the water. Additionally, CCD produces a better depth of field, unlike image intensification technologies. The CCD’s used are far more sensitive than those used in a typical surveillance camera.

Once, night vision was a hot item, but today, hardly a sport-fisher leaves the dock without infrared imaging equipment on board. If you’ve ever tried to navigate a small boat at night while holding a scope to your eye, you will appreciate Nite Track’s enhanced situational awareness, depth perception and ease of use. Operationally, it will bring a high performance night vision system on par with major marine systems costing over $10,000 at a small fraction of the price.


How They Do It

Nite Track™ uses on-board near IR illumination. When switched on, these small illuminators emit a 10 degree beam of IR light that’s near the peak spectral response of the CCD chip set. While essentially invisible to humans, the CCD sensor “see’s” this light much as a human eye will see a spotlight. This allows a user to illuminate a close in terrain or shoreline feature even in zero light conditions. Nite Track™ utilizes one illuminator, located underneath the CCD sensor. It allows uniform illumination overlaying the lens field of view.


Unlike traditional night vision systems such as hand held image intensifiers (green display) or microbolometers (thermal imaging), Nite Track™ provides a combination of wide dynamic range video processing and switchable near infrared illumination. The result is a hands free crisp black and white video image displayed on an HD monitor.

Why Choose Nite Track™

Nite Track™ changes the way you can boat at night. It differentiates itself from other technologies in several ways:

  • It costs less than 3rd generation hand-held night vision devices while allowing hands-free operation.

  • The CCD costs thousands less than remotely mounted thermal imagers.

  • It’s reveals details in high resolution, allowing you to see more than just silhouettes.

  • There’s no image wash-out from ambient light, unlike hand-held image intensification devices.

  • It gives you substantially better full-time situational awareness compared to hand-held devices.


Nite Track™ units may be mounted with any 1/4-20 mount. Nite Track™ is easy to install and includes all essential components with simple-to-follow installation guide. It also includes a 1-Year Manufactures Warranty covering any component or workmanship failure.

Nite Track™ Specifications:

  • .00005 Hyper Low Lux

  • 860nm Near Infrared

  • 752(V) X 582(H) Resolution at 437,664 pixels

  • 60 times per second Frame Refresh Rate

  • 200 milliamps used with Camera alone

  • 600 milliamps used with Camera/IR Illuminator & Monitor

  • Aluminum Powder Coated Housing

  • Available in Powder Coat White or Black Anodized


It’s CCD Technology:

Nite Track is not Thermal Imaging or Image Intensification.  It uses CCD technology (Charge Coupled Device). The unit is in a Nitrogen pressurized tube for to maximize clarity in extreme temperatures.  

 Nite Track Lux Value:

.00005 Lux – The Canon color video camera, priced at $30k recently marked down to $20k, has a lux rating of .0005 Lux)

Nite Track Resolution: 

752(V) x 582(H) lines of resolution (LOR), or 437,664 Pixels
7” Nite Track Monitor – 400(V) x 800(H) LOR, or 320,000 Pixels

Thermal Resolution: 

Low end models  -  ($3k to $15k)    320(V) x 240(H) – 76,800 Pixels
High end models - ($15k and up)    640(V) x 480(H) – 307,200 Pixels

Nite Track Frame Refresh Rate:
60 Frames per Second

Thermal Frame Refresh Rate
Low end models  -  ($3k to $15k)    15 Frames per Second                        
High end models - ($15k and up)    30 Frames per Second

Power Consumption:

Nite Track Sensor only                              200 milliamps 
with Sensor, IR illuminator & Monitor     600 milliamps

Nite Track Interface                                 
Nite Track will interface with many MFD’s that are model year 2013 or newer (starting in 2013 models were equipped with video-inputs)

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